Waterproof meat thermometer (Blue)

blue thermometer

Waterproof meat thermometer (Blue)


Product Description

Newest instant read thermometer will help you become a real guru in the cooking world.


ULTRA FAST – Instant read thermometer measures temperature in 3 seconds, and with an accuracy of +/-1 degrees with a wide range of -58°F -572°F. Do not need to wait any longer near the hot plate, grill, and bbq. Find out the exact temperature of your food in a second! For maximum measurement accuracy, a calibration function is provided.


CONVENIENT IN USING – With this meat thermometer you can get the temperature at any time with the backlight button. The cooking thermometer inside has a magnet, so it can easily be attached to the refrigerator, also it can be hung on the hook. A waterproof digital thermometer can be washed easily without fear that water gets inside.


LONG FOLDING PROBE – Will help quickly and safely get the internal temperature of any cooked food – beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, or turkey. Also, digital meat thermometer works great with deep frying, making candy, baking, and beverages like beer, wine, milk, water etc. The tip of the probe is very thin and traces will not be visible on food. When the probe is closed, the food thermometer switches off automatically.


RELIABLE AND SECURE – The bbq thermometer’s body made of strong ABS plastic, if you drop, it will not deteriorate. The Long collapsible probe of stainless steel will not break if it is bent and easily folds into the case if necessary. All materials of the grill thermometer are completely safe, free from cadmium, lead, and other harmful substances. The food safe probe has passed the FDA and EU food contact test.


EXCELLENT WARRANTY – Buy kitchen thermometer now and get a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You will not find such favorable terms from such reputable brands like Thermoworks, Thermapen, Weber, Maverick, Taylor, Cooper Atkins, and CDN.


Prepare any food easier and tastier for your family and friends.


Newest instant read thermometer by Mister Chefer will help you become a real guru in the cooking world.


The meat thermometer will help you forget about things like undercooked or overcooked food. And these are not empty words.


A digital meat thermometer in many respects surpasses other thermometers and contains all the necessary functions and qualities:


– The quick reading of temperature for 3 seconds will save your time.


– A wide measuring range of -58°F -572°F makes the food thermometer universal and allows cooking various dishes and drinks.


– High accuracy of measurement +/- 1 degree is ideal for any meals.


– An auto-off function will save battery power.


– The calibration function will always help to accurate determine the temperature.


– A backlit function will be useful in the evening and for people with poor eyesight.


– It is possible to switch °F in °C and vice versa.


– The HOLD button will help you not to forget the temperature, and the MIN and MAX functions show the minimum and maximum temperature during the measurement.


Сomfortable modern design

The meat probe folds and unfolds for ease use. On the backside of the cooking thermometer drawn a temperature chart, so you can always control the preparedness of your dishes, also, there is a battery included.


Safe material

The kitchen thermometer made of high-quality waterproof eco-friendly ABS plastic, a needle made of stainless steel, and the tip has an antibacterial coating, so you can be calm for the health of your family and friends.


Easy to store

The bbq thermometer can be attached to the refrigerator and any other steel surface because inside there is a magnet. You can also hang it on a hook with a hanging hole or just put it in a drawer.


This digital thermometer has all the qualities to become the best and help you achieve the ideal in cooking.


So what are you waiting for?

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