Instant read meat thermometer

Instant Read Thermometer

Instant read meat thermometer



Product Description

Instant read thermometer Mister Chefer will make cooking more enjoyable and easier!




  1. Measuring range from -58 F to 572 F (from -50 C to 300 C).
  2. Display resolution +-0, 1.
  3. Measuring accuracy 1 degree at temperatures from -20 C to 200 C (from -4 F to 392 F) and 2 degrees at other temperatures.
  4. Talking and LED night function.
  5. Auto shut off – standby period of 10 minutes.
  6. Selectable F / C.
  7. Ultra-fast temperature sensor – response time 4 – 5 seconds.
  8. Wireless meat thermometer for ease of use.
  9. Suitable for measuring the temperature of any products: meat, fish, turkey, steak, vegetables, grilling, barbeque, smoker, frying, candy, beer, wine, milk, water, and much more.
  10. Suitable for internal and external temperature measurement.
  11. The temperature simplified chart is drawn on the thermometer body for your convenience.




ULTRA FAST INSTANT READ THERMOMETER – response time to 4 seconds. The thermometer saves your time to the maximum so you can spend it with your family or doing favorite things while preparing your meal.


HIGH PRECISION TEMPERATURE SENSOR – measuring accuracy 1 degree at temperatures from -20 C to 200 C (from -4 F to 392 F) and 2 degrees at other temperatures.


WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE – digital meat thermometer can accurately measure temperature in the range of -58 F to 572 F (from -50 C to 300 C).


USER – FRIENDLY DESIGN – instant read thermometer has a special auto “off” button, a long needle, as well as display backlighting and talking function, which makes it very comfortable to use. The thermometer can be folded and automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.


SAFE USE – internal meat thermometer is equipped with a special sharp needle to dip into the food, but the sharpness of its end is unable to hurt even the baby’s skin.


Reliable and durable body – made of a special ABS plastic, you can drop it from a height of 2 meters and it’ll be okay.


E-book, 2 AAA batteries and a lanyard bonus – we have compiled the best recipes into one book for our customers, so that you could perfect your culinary skills and delight your family and friends. Also you will find in the box a lanyard which can be fastened to the thermometer and other gadgets, and the batteries are already inside the thermometer (remove the tape before use).


Versatility of use – digital food thermometer for cooking is ideal for meat, fish, turkey, steak, grill, BBQ, smoker, fry, candy, beer, wine, milk, water, dairy and other food. You can easily switch the measurement from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and Fahrenheit to Celsius.


Excellent Warranty – Buy now and get a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You will not find such favorable terms from such reputable brands like Thermoworks, Thermapen, Weber, Maverick, Taylor, Cooper Atkins, and CDN.



You love to cook favorite meal for your family and friends?

You feel that can cook it even better, but something is missing?

You’re often told that a dish is not well cooked or overcooked/overdone?

Digital food thermometer Mister Chefer will help you prepare perfectly delicious dishes!


Our thermometer is completely safe for everyone:

The thermometer body is made of strong ABS plastic, if you drop it, it will be fine.

Long strong needle of stainless steel which will not break if it is bent and easily folds into the case if necessary

– The tip of the needle has antibacterial coating to prevent bacteria

– The tip is sharp, but not to such an extent to damage the skin. In addition, the needle traces will not be visible on food.

– The materials used are completely safe, free from cadmium, lead, and other harmful substances.


With the Instant read thermometer Mister Chefer, you can be assured for your health and your loved ones!


With our thermometer, you will know at what stage of preparation is your dish and you will forget what undercooked food is.


Package included:


– Instant read thermometer Mister Chefer

– Instructions

– Detailed temperature chart

– BONUSES: e-book, 2 AAA batteries and lace FOR FREE


What are your risks?

There are no risks, if you’re unhappy with our product, please contact us and we will refund 100% of the money. We also offer a lifetime warranty!


Don’t hesitate to buy our thermometer, every day the demand for it increases and the price will go up very soon!


So what are you waiting for?

Click Buy on Amazon button now and enjoy cooking with your thermometer!


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